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neyenesch.com/love-your-city       ARTIST: Yomar Augusto       @yomaraugusto

© Neyenesch Printers / Yomar Augusto

The quarantine hit San Diego seemingly overnight. The impact has spread far and wide, affecting our businesses and personal lives in profound ways. Our first reaction, internally, was to stabilize Neyenesch Printers. As an essential business we developed our plan for remaining open and for providing a safe environment for our employees, and to let our customers know we were operational and here to help. As we settled into work we knew we wanted to connect with our community and customers in a meaningful way.

Luckily, we came across our talented friend Yomar Augusto’s Quarantine Posters. His vision and generosity for connecting people to meaningful places was inspiring. Through this discovery and with creative direction from Marc Hedges Creative, our desire to help our community stay connected came to life. We asked Yomar to encapsulate what it means to love San Diego through his art and to inspire people to plan their explorations for when the stay-at-home order is lifted. His beautiful artwork spotlights unique San Diego maps and depicts the diverse regions within the beaches, mountains, and our wonderful neighborhoods, invoking us to think about the things that we look forward to—not what we are missing out on. Do you want to soak in the salty air at the beach, share a meal with a loved one at their table, eat and drink at your favorite restaurant, or hike to views that only birds usually get to see? This artwork is a catalyst for that thought, and you can have a set of three limited-edition prints entirely on us. We hope these free prints bring you joy and serve as a reminder of the places we hold dear to us in San Diego.

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