Matthew Hawes

sdcc.gd/2020     Designer: Matthew Hawes    Art Directors: Sean Bacon & Bradford Prairie     Developer: Bradford Prairie

This minisite and social media campaign was built to help the Graphic Design program at San Diego City College promote its recent graduates. Between the pandemic abruptly closing campus and the civil unrest as my peers fought for equality, it was clear that the narrative of the minisite needed to reflect the schizophrenic existence we were all living. I achieved this through the use of error messages and effects that visually articulated the dysfunction and disruption of a year gone sideways.

The minisite and Instagram posts use glitches and other visual anomalies to support the error message concept. Gradients in pastel shades were purposefully mismatched and overlapped to create a look that was vibrant and felt like things rendered improperly. The Replica typeface was used for its clarity and readability, but with a technological feel. This was paired with Nitti, a monospace typeface that referenced computer code.

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© Mattew Hawes
© Mattew Hawes